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Beat Girl
(1960) - B&W - 80 min
Starring Gillian Hills as the rebellious teen, Jennifer.
Her Dad, a rich architect, has just married a young
French woman with a secret past. When Jennifer finds
out some sordid details, she makes her life miserable.
Beat The Devil
(1953) - B&W - 93 min
Humphrey Bogart plays an opportunist hoping to get
rich in Africa. But the treasure in this movie isn't gold, it
is land that is rich in uranium deposits. Screenplay
written by Truman Capote and John Huston.
Beneath The 12-Mile Reef
(1953) - Color - 102 min
Greek father and son sponge divers trying to farm a
reef. The family trouble with the Key West locals,
especially Arnold Rhys, played by Peter Graves. He is
a jerk that wants to marry Gwynne Rhys, but she likes
the young sponge diver played by Robert Wagner.
The Bigamist
(1953) - B&W - 82 min
The Bigamist, starring Edmond O'Brien, with Joan
Fontaine and Ida Lupino as his two wives. Also stars
Edmund Gwenn as a pesky investigator for an
adoption agency. A dark movie with screenplay by
Collier Young.  Directed by Ida Lupino.
Bill and Coo
(1947) - Color - 60 min
This unique live action film features trained birds in a
story situation. An entire town is scaled to bird size -
complete with popsicle stick picket fences and
cardboard signs. Be prepared for lots of bad puns and
silliness.  Nominated for an Oscar.
Billy the Kid Versus Dracula
(1966) - Color - 74 min
1966 film called Billy the Kid versus Dracula. That's
right - a western gothic kind of thing. Starring John
Carradine as Dracula, Chuck Courtney as William
Bonney, alias Billy the Kid. Melinda Plowman as Betty
Bentley, the object of Billy's affection, and Dracula too.
Beat Girl
Beat the Devil
Beneath the 12-Mile Reef
The Bigamist
Bill and Coo
The Black Brigade
(1970) - Color - 72 min
Starring Richard Pryor, Billy Dee Wiliams, Stephen
Boyd, Robert Hooks, Moses Gunn, and Roosevelt
Grier. A white southern Captain looking to get a
promotion leads a group of black soldiers behind the
German lines to try and save a bridge.
Billy the Kid vs. Dracula
Bird with the Crystal Plumage
The Black Brigade
Blood and Sand
Blood Feast
Bird with the Crystal Plumage
(1970) - Color - 96 min
Sam Dalmas (Tony Musante) is an American in
Rome, who witnesses a murder attempt by a
mysterious man in a dark coat, but he is helplessly
behind glass doors, and can do nothing. The woman
lives, but the serial killer is still on the loose.
Blood and Sand
(1922) - B&W - 61 min
Rudolph Valentino stars as Juan Gallardo -a young
man who wants to be a bullfighter, but his family
thinks he's just a bum.  After a bullfighter gets hurt,
Juan gets his chance in the ring and does well at a
small bullring.  He meets Carmen and  falls in love.
Blood Feast
(1963) - Color - 67 min
With William Kerwin, Connie Mason, and Mal Arnold -
as an insane Egyptian Caterer named Fuad Ramses.
Mr. Ramses wants to recreate an ancient Egyptian
Feast with young girls body parts. The acting is so
terrible it becomes memorable.
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