April 18, 2008

There has been a lot of publicity lately about out-of-control students, both locally and
nationally.  Channel 25 News ran a two day story about a Moody junior high student selling
drugs at school.  
Click for article.  Eight students in Florida are facing kidnapping and assault
charges for beating up one of their 16-year old acquaintances so it could be posted on
Click for article.  Two Denver cops were attacked while trying to break up a fight in
a school parking lot.  
Click for article.  One of the major reasons I left the public school
teaching realm was the daily occurrence of events similar to those which are now finally being
exposed on the internet and cable news shows.  I just wonder why these things were accepted
a quarter-century ago in the Houston inner-city middle school I taught at.  I could walk into one
of the student bathrooms at most any time of the day and think I was in an Amsterdam drug
den.  Fights worthy of a mixed martial-arts headliner were a daily activity.  As mentioned on
this blog many months ago, I was the recipient of a heavy metal object to the back of my head
while trying to break up the last brawl I ever intervened in.  I recall mentioning this to my
principal at the time and he told me he didn't have time to deal with it.  Needless to say, this
did not endear me to that principal.  While realizing the internet and cable news networks were
not even in existence during this era to publicize my unfortunate beaning, it would be a
mistake to believe this is a new phenomena.

April 16, 2008

According to the linked article, wholesale prices soared 1.1 percent in March, nearly triple the
rate analysts had anticipated.  
Click for article.  The largest increases were in food and energy
costs, which unfortunately are two of the three major expenses at the cafe (labor costs being
the third).  I heard a Bush administration official try to spin the bad news by saying the core
inflation rate had only gone up 0.2% in March.  The problem with determining the core inflation
rate is that it purposely disregards food and energy in its calculation.  This is a ridiculous way
to figure the true inflation rate.  It would be like me saying I would look like George Clooney if
only I were much more handsome and had a much better physique.  It ain't reality.

The amazing Kosse business growth continues, as reflected by the March sales tax collections
recently disbursed by the State Comptroller's office.  Quoting the Mexia Daily News, "Kosse
substantially increases in both rebate categories - $4,214.99, up from last March’s check of
$3,019.96, representing a 39.57 percent increase; and a whopping 91.41 percent increase on
the year-to-date figures - $14,088.54 from $7,360.27 in ‘07."  
Click for article.

The Cranfills Gap post office is currently shut down after an elderly woman destroyed it by
driving into it four times with her car.  
Click for article.  While this is not humorous, you would
think she would have given up and gotten out of her car after the first or second collision with
the post office wall.  Oh well, she gets the gold medal for persistence.

April 14, 2008

The Kosse Blog's hiatus has ended and new posts are now back on the website.  Thanks to
those of you who told me they missed reading it.  It's always nice to know my commentary
efforts are not completely disregarded.  I was asked why there was a hiatus, and the answer is
quite simple.  My brain is not what it once was, and it needed a break.  Anyway, hopefully it
has recovered enough to offer items of interest.  As the late Marvin Zindler used to say, it's
hell getting old.

The Lady Goats golf team came in second in district competition and are now headed to the
regional tournament.  The Kosse Cafe is pleased to have three of the team's five regional
participants as employees.  Taylin Eckols, Tiffany Johnston, and Blythe Stewart are great
young ladies of whom I am very proud.  They are also good students who will be leaving for
college in the fall.  Taylin told me she will be attending Southwestern University in Georgetown
as a member of their women's basketball team, and Tiffany and Blythe will be moving to
Corsicana to attend Navarro College.  Go get 'em girls!

Speaking of local honors, Kosseite Wes Hardin and the Country Outlaws have won four of the
top awards recently handed out by the Music Association of Central Texas.  Wes won
Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Country Band of the Year, and
Instrumentalist of the Year.  We can now officially say we have a musical celebrity living in the
Wonderland of Texas!  Congratulations Wes.  
Click for article.

February 28, 2008

The Kosse Blog will be on hiatus for a short period of time.  

February 21, 2008

Kosse business activity continues its unbelievable progress.  According to the Mexia Daily
News, "Kosse gets its latest check of $5,640.98, representing a whopping 254.90 percent
increase from the $1,589.45 received at this time a year ago. Kosse, perhaps spurred along
by more spending in advance of the Robertson County coal-fired plant, has an accummulative
2008 total of $9,873.55, representing a 127.49 percent increase from last year’s
accummulative total of $4,340.31."   Truly amazing.  
Click for article.

I talked to Mayor Daniell this morning at the cafe.  We were discussing economics and
commenting on the unprecedented 20-cent increase in gasoline that occurred at the Kosse
Cefco yesterday.  It appears as if our nation is entering a period of stagflation, reminiscent of
the 1970's.  (Stagflation refers to slow growth combined with inflation.)  Not a pretty picture
and very difficult for consumers.  
Click for article.

February 19, 2008

Criminal activities continue in Marlin.  The manager of the Marlin McDonald’s was robbed while
depositing weekend receipts at the bank night drop.  The thief smashed out the window of the
manager’s vehicle, grabbed the bank bag and ran.  
Click for article.

I received a most informative e-mail from Karen Partin.  The Kosse young people continue to
be feted with statewide honors.  Let's give them our congratulations.  Here is her e-mail:

I am sending you a link to so that you may post and get people to post thier positive
comments on the
www.myhometownhelper.com website to help the Heritage House some
funding for a new roof. thanks

also some more youth news..

A group of Kosse 4-H children Tyler Rader,Drew Ferguson,Kaitlyn Pettigrew,Josh Ingram,
Cody Ingram and Kayne Partin  went to the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo. Taking
their entry which was a homemade shop built 10' utility entry in which they welded and
constructed all themselves, with adult supervision. They received a blue ribbon in their
category, but the best news is that they received first place in Showmanship out of 283 teams
which consisted of all ages. They really had to work hard for this recognition.There reward
was $5000.00 worth of welding machines and supplies, in which they will use to construct next
years project. They will be going to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in a few weeks to
compete with their trailer. This trailer will be raffled off in the months to come to fund their next
project for next year. I would like to say that this trailer had many donors and only cost $33.00
of make. We are proud of them!!!

February 18, 2008

This month's Entergy electric bills were lowered due to a refund for excessive fuel charges
over the past year.  I had received a recorded phone call last week telling of the refund, along
with an assurance that Entergy was always looking out for their customers.  The message
made it sound as if they were being good guys for giving us back money which we had
overpaid to start with.  If they want to be fair, they should also pay interest on the overcharge
which has undoubtedly been utilized by the company over the past year.  Needless to say, no
interest was included.  Maybe the cafe and every other business in the area could collect
more throughout the year than should be collected, then put the excess money in an interest-
bearing account for a year, then refund the overcharges and keep the interest.  That is what
Entergy is doing and it is nothing beyond a government sanctioned ripoff.  But do keep in
mind, according to their phone message, they are always looking out for the customer.  

February 13, 2008

Thieves stole $6500.00 of merchandise from the Rockdale Wal Mart Monday morning. It was
caught on camera but evidently all the employees were oblivious to the heist.  
Click for article.  
Personally, I have had the opposite experience on more than one occasion at Wal Mart.  The
cashier would not deactivate my purchased items, and it would set off the sensor at their front
door.  Immediately the intercom would loudly announce that the anti-shoplifting sensor had
been activated.  Needless to say, everyone in the store would look to see who the prospective
thief (in this case me) was.  It is most embarrassing although I always keep my receipt handy
for just such a circumstance.

My buddy Mike Wheal (future son-in-law of the Lauderdales) sent me an e-mail saying the
price of gasoline in England is approximately $8.00 per gallon.  And I thought the $2.89 at
Cefco was high!  

February 12, 2008

The price of postage is going up once again.  Effective May 12, the cost of a first class stamp
will rise to 42-cents.  
Click for article.  Speaking of rising prices, I noticed gasoline at our local
Cefco went up 6-cents last week.  It remained steady in Bremond.

February 10, 2008

What wonderful weather we had in Kosse yesterday.  I always thought February was our
coldest month of the year, but the now-growing grass belies this belief.  Time to get the mower

The Republican presidential campaign has been pared down, and one of those remaining
standing is Kosseite Raymond Huckabee's cousin, Mike.  While it appears John McCain will be
their presidential standard bearer, I have heard a lot of comment on the various news shows
on the growing likelihood that former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee will be named as the
vice-presidential candidate.  What an honor this would be.  I was born during the Eisenhower
administration, and the history of vice-presidents during my lifetime has been most interesting.
Four of them (Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, and George H.W. Bush) went on
to become president.  Three (Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, and Al Gore) were their
parties unsuccessful nominees.  One (Spiro Agnew) was convicted of tax evasion and forced
from office.  One (Nelson Rockefeller) had a heart attack and died while in the company of his
mistress.  One (Dick Cheney) shot a 78-year old man in the face.  One (Dan Quayle) was
generally acknowledged as not the brightest bulb in the box, and one (George H.W. Bush)
had a son who also became president.   
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