October 29, 2007

While enjoying a bowl of oatmeal at the cafe this morning, I noticed the price of gasoline at
Cefco has risen to $2.77 per gallon.  With holiday shopping season on the horizon, it's not a
good time for energy costs to increase.  

Looks as if the Babe Ruth Curse on the Boston Red Sox has been lifted.  The Red Sox won
the World Series last night in a four-game sweep of the Colorado Rockies.  
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The advance in technological innovation over the course of my half-century life is truly
amazing.  I just read about a new website which will offer hundreds of television shows free of
charge and available anytime.  
Click for article.  In reality, there are already a number of
websites which offer this, and there is even a section on this site which allows free viewing
anytime of classic television shows and documentaries.  
Click for section.  I remember as a
youngster the days when you either watched a show at the time of its airing or had to wait for
the rerun.  

October 27, 2007

The Groesbeck Goats lost to Fairfield last night by a score of 30-16.  The Bremond Tigers
continued their demolition of the opposition, defeating Dawson 48-0.  

According to evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry from the London School of Economics, the
human race will split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an
underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures.  
Click for article.  Most people would say I
already belong to the latter category.

October 25, 2007

The Kosse First United Methodist Church will be serving refreshments to trick or treaters at
the Memorial Pavilion from 6:00-9:00 p.m. on Halloween night.  Everyone is invited to enjoy
the treats and show off your costume.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will
cost each American an average of $8000 over the next ten years.  
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October 24, 2007

I went into the cafe last night and received the pleasure of discovering my employees had  
both the air conditioners and heaters turned on.  Sometimes I shake my head in costly

The new outdoor lights at the cafe certainly proved to be an improvement.  The wall murals
are slowly but surely getting done and looking good.  Our next cafe project will be getting a
new marquee sign.  The current one has become faded and does not have our logo on it.  
There's a company in College Station that does my outdoor graphics, so we should have it up
within a few weeks.  The Kosse Cafe wants to be an integral part of the cleanup and growth of
Kosse, so I figure these various improvements are worthwhile.

October 23, 2007

The rains came and the air conditioners were finally relieved of duty.  The Kosse Cafe
electrician is slated to arrive tonight and begin installing outside lighting around the perimeter
of the building.  While not wanting to make it look like the Las Vegas Strip, it does need more
nocturnal illumination than is currently in place.  Of course it may not be helpful during the
annual cricket infestation so thank goodness we have a light switch.

A week until Halloween, a month until Thanksgiving, and two months until Santa Claus time.  

October 20, 2007

True cool weather has finally arrived.  The lows for the next week are predicted to be in the
40's and 50's, with a good chance of much-needed rain on Monday.  

The Groesbeck Goats were shut out last night by Palestine, with the final score 27-0.  The
Bremond Tigers continued their devastation of the opposition with a 35-0 victory over Axtell.  

Another equestrian event for Meadowcreek Park this weekend.  I'm told it's not as large as last
weekend's, but there looked like a lot of horse trailers to me.

October 17, 2007

Per the suggestion of Mike Wheal from England, I have placed a button on the navigation bar
which will take you to the Kosse Echo page of this website.  

While watching the various news shows Sunday, I learned the Democratic leadership of the
House of Representatives was attempting to pass a bill condemning the Turkish government
for genocide against the Armenians in 1915.  The government of Turkey is very upset by this
resolution, has withdrawn their ambassador, and is threatening to kick our military out of their
country.  Being a northern neighbor to Iraq, this would make our efforts there even more
Click for article.  Why in the world would our Congress feel it is appropriate to bring
up this 92-year old subject at this or any time in the future, especially knowing the negative
results of the action?  The days of the United States purposely antagonizing other nations
needs to end.  (Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul is correct on this.)  Leave the
1915 Armenian slaughter to the historians.  

October 16, 2007

Finally got some rain yesterday.  The reprint of the Edgar Kling article, "John Wesley Hardin
Slept Here" has been posted on this website.  The article was originally found in the January,
1986 issue of the Kosse Echo, and we again thank Nell McKinney for allowing our reprints.  
Mr. Kling was an easy to read writer and interesting conversationalist.  If you are interested in
Texas and Kosse history, this is something you will want to read.  
Click to access article.  

October 14, 2007

The Groesbeck Goats lost a close one against Mexia Friday night.  The final score was 11-8.  
The Bremond Tigers continued their stellar season, defeating Hubbard by a score of 38-0.  
This was Bremond's homecoming, so the locals were happy.

Kosse has been a busy little town this weekend.  The equestrian event at Meadowcreek Park
appeared to have hundreds of participants, with horse trailers spread across a large swath of
the Lindsey property.  I'm not much of a garage saler, but was told the City Wide Garage Sale
was a well attended success.

Over the past three days, I have been enjoying e-mail conversations with a lady who has deep
Kosse roots, Marcia Mason Amend.  She has been kind enough to allow the posting of her
Kosse memories and current life.  

My grandmother, Inez Fenner, was a long time resident of Kosse and I have such fond
memories of summer visits with "Nana" in the 60s and 70s.  My cousin Trisha Roy and her
husband John now live in the house I personally will always call "Nana's house".  Special
memories include Fort Parker, the Kosse Church of Christ, playing pool at Iva and Rupert
Graham's house, ice cream at Barto's Grocery, the Kosse Community Center, Springfield's
Grocery, and the corner drug store run by Artie Fenner, my Papa Fenner's cousin.  To this
day, a train whistle brings back memories of the train track behind Nana's house.

I live in Aurora, Colorado with my husband Fred Amend (rhymes with Raymond) and our three
children.  Julia is 20 and is currently studying nursing at Harding University (actually, she is
currently studying and working for a semester at the Namwianga Mission near Kalomo,
Zambia), Lindsey is 17 and Matthew is 16.  We have home schooled our three children since
kindergarten.  God is good.

Nana went to be with Jesus in Sept 06 at the glorious age of 106.  I flew down for the funeral
and to visit with my family in Lake Jackson.  I borrowed my brother's car to drive up to Kosse
to visit my cousin Trisha and to see Kosse again.  I wish I could've stayed longer.  So many
years have passed since the summers I spent there but so much of my heart is still in that
precious town.  My family could never afford vacations when I was a kid, so our vacations were
always spent in Kosse.  We kids always competed for who could see the Kosse water tower
first when we finally came over the rise on the highway from I45.  I have a brick on top of the
piano in my living room with Groesbeck stamped on it (next to a photo of Nana).  It was once
part of Nana's front walk at her house.  My cousin Trisha saved it for me when she and John
replaced the walk.  (Airline security was a little surprised to see a brick in my carry-on bag).  

I guess if I can claim deep roots in one specific Texas county it would be Limestone County.  
Nana's grandparents are buried there....Berry Vernon Sowders and Mary Elizabeth Rogers
Sowders.  The roots are deep and the memories are precious.

My cousin Autumn (Wells) Mountjoy and I were visiting Nana the summer of Kosse's
Centennial Celebration.  Nana realized that the highway department had missed Kosse with
new population signs and she wanted the new population of 471 to be displayed for the
celebration.  She printed the new number on cardboard and we drove out to all four city limit
signs, laddered up the post, and attached the new population.  (Just another memory to
share).  One summer of our summer visits coincided with a visit from my cousin Trisha
(Mysinger) Roy.  The Baptist Church was holding their Vacation Bible School and I was
invited.  I remember fondly that my cousin Trisha taught me the 23rd Psalm for the first time
and I proudly recited it in class at VBS.  

At the age of 73 (in 1973) my Nana Fenner answered an ad in Firm Foundation Magazine for
a secretary to work at the Namwianga Mission near Kalomo, Zambia.  She nearly flipped out
the family when she announced she had accepted the job.  She spent 3 glorious years
ministering to the people at Namwianga.  My daughter Julia, now a junior nursing major at
Harding University, announced last December that she had been chosen to part of the first
group of students to study and minister at Namwianga for the fall semester 07.  My eyes
welled with tears when I told her that she would be working in the same place where her great
grandmother had worked nearly 35 years ago.  

So many memories.  I will close for now and write more later. Take care.

Marcia (Mason) Amend
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