October 12, 2007

The cool nights have finally arrived.  The low tonight is predicted to be 58 degrees, perfect
weather for the Groesbeck versus Mexia football game.  

Stacy told me there is a horse event at Meadowcreek Park this weekend.  It coincides with
tomorrow's City Wide Garage Sale, so this should be a hopping couple of days for the
Wonderland of Texas.  

I picked up The Kosse Echo in today's mail.  I look forward to its bi-monthly arrival, as there
are always interesting current and historical articles.  This issue features a 1986 reprint of an
Edgar Kling article, "John Wesley Hardin Slept Here" which was most informative.  I will be
adding it to the Kosse Echo section of this website as soon as possible.  Thanks again to
publisher Nell McKinney for allowing the use of these Kosse treasures.

October 9, 2007

The Dallas Cowboys have done it again.  Reminiscent of the Cowboys of the 70's, they pulled
out a last second victory against the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football last night.  
Click for
article.  My upbringing requirements included being a Cowboys fan, and it was quite easy to
do during the days of Roger Staubach and Bob Lilly.  No matter how the game had gone, you
always had the feeling they would pull out a victory in the end; and they usually did.  While it
will be hard for Tony Romo to follow in the footsteps of Staubach or Troy Aikmen, the
Cowboys performance so far this year has been stellar.

According to newly declassified documents, in 1948 the U.S. Army explored the potential for
using radioactive poisons to contaminate "populated or otherwise critical areas for long
periods of time".  
Click for article.  Thank goodness one of our greatest warriors, Dwight
Eisenhower, came into office and cancelled this abhorrent idea.  Can you imagine the
long-term consequences if nations we have fought were forever turned into an uninhabitable
toxic waste dump?  History shows that many of our enemies become strong allies over the
course of a few decades.  Would we really want their homelands being uninhabitable for
perpetuity?  This was crazy.

October 6, 2007

Still waiting on our first significant cool front.  The days of 70-degree highs and 50-degree
lows are my favorite of the year, and should arrive in a month of so.  I can recall on my visits
here as a youngster the crispness of the morning air, and always found it a refreshing change
from the constant humidity found in my coastal hometown of Lake Jackson.  

The Marlin Police Department is cracking down on the drug problem in their city.  
Click for
article.  According to their detective, this bust is only the tip of the iceberg of the problem.  I
rarely drive through the streets of Marlin, but there are a lot of seedy looking characters on
Live Oak Street through downtown, especially after dark.  

The Bremond Tigers football team must be very good this year.  They once again demolished
their opponent last night, defeating Iola by a score of 44-0.  The Groesbeck Goats were off.

Artist extraordinaire Tess Kane has been working on the wall murals for the upcoming
Bremond Pizza Pro.  The motif is the 1950's, so the murals are representative of that era.  
Rather than saying the thousand words, let me simply post the murals for your retroactive
viewing pleasure.  (Although I will say Tess is one heckuva an artist.)

October 4, 2007

Our progressive city government continues the arduous and occasionally thankless task of
updating Kosse ordinances.  Some of these new ordinances are things that should have been
done decades ago, while others are necessitated by our recent economic growth and bustling

I've heard complaints on the proposals, but one responsibility of a city government is to
ensure the safety and well-being of its citizenry, and our current Kosse City Council is
attempting to do this.  One of these new laws, the Animal Control Ordinance, will hopefully
eliminate the appropriate fear from pedestrians of being bitten by loose and vicious dogs.  
Many of our walkers literally carry sticks while walking to protect themselves from biting
canines.  I have seen Kenneth Sims on his walks carrying a golf club for protection.  The irony
is that Kenneth is a former college and professional football star, and no one in their right
mind would dare physically attack this gentle giant.  Yet he has to protect himself against
animals while traversing our city streets.  Kosse needs the Animal Control Ordinance, and  
gratitude goes out to Mayor Daniells and our council members.

In this week's Groesbeck Journal there was a letter of appreciation from four Kosse senior
football players to myself and seven others for contributing to the Groesbeck Athletics Booster
Club.  Thanks were given for our donation of large color photos of themselves which are now
displayed in the Kosse Cafe front window.  All I can say is I'm throwing the thanks right back at
you.  It is a pleasure to show the pride we have in young Kosseites such as Lance Garrett,
B.J. Cox, Justin Campbell, and Jesse Fish.
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