September 11, 2007

The carnage on our area roads continues, with the latest occurring this morning a few miles
east of Kosse.  In the past eight days there have been eight traffic fatalities.  
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I was driving between Bremond and Calvert yesterday and felt greater apprehension than
during my seven years of Houston rush hour traffic.  The driver in the vehicle in front of me
was tailgating the 18-wheeler in front of him while going 65 m.p.h.  The traffic was nonstop in
both directions of Highway 6, and the guy pulled around the semi on three separate occasions
in an attempt to pass.  On each occasion he got partially around the truck into the oncoming
lane of traffic, before being forced to apply his brakes and get back behind the 18-wheeler.  At
that point I slowed down to 55, got onto the shoulder, and allowed the vehicles behind me to
pass by.  I figured if there was going to be a catastrophe, I would rather be an observer than a

And that leads into the unsettling conversation I had while eating at the cafe awhile ago.  One
of my former workers came in and sat down beside me.  He was one of those involved in this
morning's fatal accident referred to in the first paragraph, although he was a passenger and
not one of the drivers.  Fortunately he had escaped with only minor injuries.  The article said
the accident occurred at 8:00 a.m., which is incorrect.  The accident occurred around 6:30
a.m. while still dark.  My ex-worker (who is in his latter teens) made the comment they would
not have been involved in the accident if he had been driving.  His explanation was that he
always drove 75 m.p.h. rather than the legal 65 m.p.h. his driver that morning was going, and
therefore they would have been a minute ahead of the accident.  This convoluted thinking
made me cringe with the memory of a crisp November morning in 2004, a memory that is
forever etched in my mind.  The memory of receiving a call that there had been an accident,
the memory of the life-flight helicopter arriving on the scene, the memory of having to choose
whether to accompany one son to the emergency room or wait for the hearse to pick up his
brother, the memory of calling Terri to inform her her first-born had been killed, the memories
of shock and sadness that no one would ever wish upon anyone.  My ex-worker has been
given a second chance, and I hope he can learn to appreciate it.  Sometimes there are no
second chances.

September 7, 2007

A couple of days ago I described the Robertson County section of Highway 6 as a deathtrap.  
Sadly, this point was proven again yesterday near Hearne.  
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An Elm Mott preacher was arrested for possession of child porn.  
Click for article.  While this is
certainly disturbing, there was a side aspect to the story which (if reported correctly) is also
most disturbing.  Quoting, "Edgington may not have been caught if a woman close to his family
hadn't stumbled upon a locked box, at Edgington's McLennan County home and called
police."  If I am interpreting this correctly, a non-family member saw a locked box at his home,
called police, who then broke the lock on the box to examine the contents.  What?!  Unless
there were other indicators of the contents of the box that are not mentioned in the article, this
would seem like a gross invasion of privacy.  While some would say the ends justified the
means in this circumstance, I would hate to think of the precedent such actions could bring
about.  I would think a large number of Americans (possibly the majority) have a secured
lockbox of some type, whether it holds tools, documents, money, or whatever.  The thought
that a nosy "friend" could instigate police breaking into it to examine its contents is very
unsettling to a libertarian.  

September 6, 2007

The Kosse First United Methodist Church will be holding their annual Fall Bazaar and Auction
on Saturday, October 6.  The food and fun will be plentiful, and all are invited.  Bobby Joe
Suttle will be smoking a limited number of briskets and chickens.  Pre-order yours by calling

Manuel Cordova told me the new grocery store and meat market is going to be located on
Highway 7 West near the Bassett Ranch turnoff.  

Bootleggers have been busted in Marlin.  
Click for article.  Liquor could be purchased 24
hours per day at this evidently booming location.  

September 5, 2007

Four people were killed in an automobile accident on Highway 6 near Hammond yesterday.  
Click for article.  This section of Highway 6 is currently being widened to four lanes, and not a
moment too soon.  It is a deathtrap road, and many have been killed or injured on it. The four
fatalities are from Mexia.  Fortunately the driver of the tow truck, Bremond resident Mike
Muzyka, was only slightly injured.  I have gotten to know Mike quite well over the years, and he
is one of the nicest and most helpful people you will ever meet.  

Things should be greening up with the recent rainfall.  This has been the wettest and mildest
summer I can remember.  Normally this time of year sees a burn ban and near 100-degree
weather.  I guess global warming bypassed Kosse this year.

September 2, 2007

A new month has arrived, and autumn is a mere three weeks away. Karen Partin sent me a
most informative and interesting e-mail.  Evidently there is going to be a grocery store and
meat market arriving soon.  This is certainly welcome news.  Here is her e-mail:

The new feed store "The Feed Trough" has opened on the 1st. It is owned and operated by
Debra Burton of kosse. She will be dealing Lone  Star feeds. She is located inside the White's
Hardware Building. They have jewelry,and currently are renting shelf space inside for $25.00
per month. I am trying to help her by spreading the word. They will be getting some new things
as time permits. Her number for more info is 625-1388, that is also the store number for now.

Its also "rumored" we will be getting a Kosse Country Store & Meat Market.A Camp Kosse
(they will sell and lease mini log cabins) I have actually seen the signs being made for these

The Kosse 4-H will be having a meeting on September 10th,location to be announced, it will
be sign up time. Ann Basham is the new manager this year I will be assisting her.

The Kosse Chamber and Heritage House will be  meeting on the third Monday OF September.
The Heritage House will meet at 6pm, the Chamber at 6:30pm.The Chamber will be electing
new officers if anyone is interested just attend the meeting.
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