June 4, 2007

I watched the Democrats Presidential Debate on CNN last night and it was quite entertaining.  
Click for article.  I don't know who the debating experts would say was the winner, but the
candidate who seemed most sensible was Senator Joe Biden of Delaware.  The one who went
down a notch in my estimation was Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico.  Some of his
ideas sound rash in regards to possible consequences.

The Kosse Church of Christ lecture series is currently being held each evening.  The Kosse
First Baptist Church also began their Vacation Bible School yesterday.  An abundance of
choices for Christian fellowship in Kosse.

June 2, 2007

It's finally drying out and I was able to have the various yards and properties mowed.  My
landscape engineer, Jonathon Rogers, had his mower height set very low to the ground and
now my yard looks like a scalped hayfield.  I imagine someone could get at least two square
bales out of it, but I don't know if the local bovine population would gleefully ingest a
combination of San Augustine grass, common weeds, and what appears to be the remnants of
a now-shredded McDonald's drink cup which someone on Highway 14 so kindly deposited in
my front yard.

A Pittsburgh Steelers coach e-mailed a porno tape to a bunch of NFL employees including the
new league commissioner.  The 61-year old grandfather blamed it on his ignorance of
Click for article.

May 31, 2007

I noticed the daughter of Kosse resident Dennis Allen, Jaimye Allen, has been named
salutatorian for this year's Groesbeck High School graduating class.  Congratulations.  The
graduation ceremony is this Friday night.

Finally a day without rain.  The Kosse City Council is meeting with its new members on June
12 at 6:30 p.m.  Among the items being discussed is an increase in commercial water rates.  It
will be a double whammy as both the cafe and my office are rated as commercial accounts.  
Despite this, our municipal government is wise to maintain the integrity of our water system
even if it means periodic rate increases.  I think back to a couple of months ago when the
water was turned off and unusable for a few days.  It did not make for an easy time, especially
at the cafe.  We were literally having to haul potable water from Bremond in order to stay
open.  The dishwater was having to be boiled on the stove burners and we were having to buy
bagged ice from Cefco for our salad bar and drink needs.  It was a far from ideal scenario, so I
will gladly pay a little extra to make sure Kosse has reliable and safe water.

Technology's two-headed sword is emerging.  Google has come out with a new service in
which real-time imagery is shown at street level.  In other words the camera will show actual
people for anyone on the internet to see.  
Click for example.  While now contained to certain
select larger cities, there is no doubt it will be available for any location on earth before long
(as their satellite imaging is now doing).  When this comes to be, anyone could sit and watch a
house, business, church, or any other place to see what is going on and who is there.  Scary.  
George Orwell may have simply been 23 years too early in his setting.

May 29, 2007

I was told Bo Garrett is in the hospital with serious heart problems.  John Peters said his sister
died in California at the age of 47.  We wish them the best.

It appears as if President Bush has finally accepted the advice of his father's Secretary of
State, James Baker, and begun a direct dialogue with the Iranians.  
Click for article.  The U.S.
representative, Iraq Ambassador Ryan Crocker, agreed that the meeting was positive.  

Rosie O'Donnell put a video on her blog whining about her unexpected early departure from
"The View".  I think Donald Trump's characterization of her was accurate.  
Click for video.

Miss Japan was named Miss Universe 2007 last night.  
Click for article.  Miss USA was fourth
runner-up and was treated very disrespectfully by the Mexico City audience.  
Click for video.  
Doesn't make this American feel very benevolent towards them.

May 28, 2007

We need some relief from the rain.  Unfortunately today's forecast is for severe rainfall.  Click
for article.  There have now been seven Central Texas deaths due to the storms.  Click for

I drove to Rosebud yesterday evening and saw significant evidence of the saturated ground.  
Crossing the Brazos River I observed fast-moving rapids had developed in the river and it's
water level has risen dramatically in the past week.  Near the Brazos River bottomland is a low
area that encompasses hundreds of acres.  This area was completely covered in water and
looked like a body of water the size of Lake Mexia.  The road was covered with silt indicating it
had also recently been underwater.  It was a surreal sight.

Memorial Day 2007.

Click for list of Limestone County World War II casualties.

Click for list of Korean War casualties.

Click for list of Vietnam War casualties.

May 26, 2007

The predicted heavy rains arrived with a vengeance Thursday and Friday.  So far there have
been at least five associated deaths in Central Texas.  
Click for article.

Oil prices are predicted to hit an all-time high this summer.  
Click for article.  America's
loudmouth lesbian sweetheart Rosie O'Donnell will thankfully no longer be on "The View".  
Click for article.  At his latest press conference, President George W. Bush received an
unfortunate splattering of bird excrement from an overhead sparrow that invaded the airspace
of the White House lawn.  
Click for video.  The number of reported dead U.S. military men and
women in Iraq is 3486 as of this moment.  
Click for report.  All is not well with the world on
Memorial Day weekend 2007.  

May 24, 2007

The local religious revivals are soon to be in full bloom.  The Kosse Church of Christ will be
holding their Summer Bible Lecture series on June 3-6.  They are going with a unique concept
in which five Church of Christ ministers will present their favorite sermons.  In other words a  
Preachers' Greatest Hits event.  Should be interesting.  The Kosse First United Methodist
Church revival will be held on July 15-17.  The speaker will be Jimmy Phillips.  As I have
mentioned previously Jimmy is one of the most accomplished ministers alive today.  On top of
that he is a truly good guy who practices what he preaches.  

Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter has made him a grandfather again.  
Click for article.

The band at this year's Kosse Homecoming Street Dance is slated to be "Smokin' Gun".  Not
being a connoisseur of the local dance scene, I can only relate second-hand information on
their two-step-inducing abilities, but I am told they are quite good.

May 23, 2007

The Dallas Cowboys will be hosting the 2011 Super Bowl in their new stadium.  Click for article.
The Super Bowl is by far the biggest single sporting event in America and it's associated
television commercials and half-time shows have resulted in a number of American classics.  
The commercial which is perhaps most famous is the Apple Macintosh computer ad from 1984.
Click for video of ad.  The half-time show which produced the greatest publicity involved the
Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" of 2004.  
Click for article.  In regards to the games
themselves, perhaps the defining moment came with the victory of the New York Jets over the
Baltimore Colts in 1969.  
Click for article.  Not only was this the first victory for the upstart
A.F.L., but Joe Namath became famous for his guarantee of victory.  I never understood the
hoopla over Namath's guaranteeing victory at a pre-game news conference.  I would imagine
there have been thousands of athletes who have guaranteed victory before an event.

One more week of school.  I heard on the radio that the record-high price of gasoline has not
slowed down the amount of driving in the U.S. but has had an adverse effect on other portions
of the economy such as the restaurant business.  I talked to Ryan and he told me the price in
Washington is over $3.50 per gallon.  The National Weather Service is predicting a busier
than usual hurricane season, which will not help the gas prices.  
Click for article.

May 21, 2007

It was a relaxing weekend at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa in San Antonio.  Each year the
C.D. Hartnett Company provides a retreat for their major customers and this year it was in San

Looks like a rainy week is ahead of us.  There is a chance of rain everyday for at least the
next seven days.  Things are sure green.  Unfortunately the green in my wallet is shrinking
terribly with each gasoline fill-up.  The price at Cefco was $3.09 today and is predicted to go
Click for article.

Former President Jimmy Carter says President Bush's administration is "the worst in history" in
regard to international relations.  Using my personal historical knowledge of American
presidents, I tend to agree he is among the worst.  At this point I think change will only come
with the ending of Bush's term in office.  Even his own father, former President George H.W.
Bush, stated the country is suffering from "Bush Fatigue".  Ironically, I think it is fair to say the
country was suffering from "Carter Fatigue" in 1980 when Ronald Reagan won a landslide
victory over the 39th President.  
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An "If Looks Could Kill" Moment from Last Night's Democrat Debate
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