March 28, 2007

I've been down in my back the past three days.  This occasionally happens and immobilizes
me for at least a week each time.  I used to go to the doctor each time it happened but all they
would do is write a prescription for muscle relaxers which knock me out.  I learned that time
alone is the remedy so now I just suffer and count the days.

Continuing with the informational items that were sent in by Karen Partin:

The Kosse Rodeo Grounds will be the scene of double mugging, branding and bronc riding on
April 28.  As Karen explains it, a double mugging is where two people rope a steer, throw him
down and tie him.  A branding event involves roping a steer, getting off the horse, throwing the
steer down and simulate branding him.  It should be an interesting event and as far as she
knows local cowboys are welcome to participate.

There is an upcoming organizational meeting for the Kosse Greyhound 5K Run.  There is a
need for volunteers to perform such duties as providing water along the route for participants
and patrolling the route on 4-wheelers and Mules for struggling runners.  

The new picnic tables have been placed at the Kosse City Park.  It is amazing what the
Friends of the Park have accomplished in their renovation efforts.  It is a source of pride for

Speaking of the Kosse City Park, there will be an official Fish Day on the morning of June 9 to
celebrate the reopening of Lake Kosse to public fishing.  Fishing has been prohibited for quite
a while so that the newly-stocked fish would have time to mature and grow.  The fish have
been fed daily for two years so the chances of landing a whopper are excellent.  There will be
prizes awarded for catching the largest and smallest fish that day with an entry fee of only
$1.00 per fishing pole.  Volunteers are also needed to facilitate this event.

March 27, 2007

Karen Partin sent me an e-mail detailing a number of Kosse events.  I appreciate her input as
she has her pulse on Kosse much more than I am able to.

The name which was chosen for the Kosse 5K Run was submitted by Karen Partin on behalf
of Doris Foshee.  Now to be known as the Kosse Greyhound 5K, it is taken from the name of
the defunct Kosse school's mascot.  Personally I think it is an excellent and most appropriate

I had previously stated that Nell McKinney was the winner of the 24' cattle trailer at the Kosse
Spring Festival.  This is incorrect.  Nell won the utility trailer filled with surprise items.  The
cattle trailer is to be raffled off on April 2 at the Limestone County Fair in Groesbeck.  Raffle
tickets are still being sold for $10 at Kosse Feeds.  The secondary prizes are two sides of beef
and a barbecue pit.  The proceeds will go towards paying the sale commissions for the
students who are showing animals.

The Kosse Ag Backers are accepting donations to help the Kosse 4-H and FFA members who
are raising show animals.  The monies are evenly distributed among the exhibitors and also
help offset the sale expenses.  No donation is too small and all are appreciated.  Contact
Karen Partin or Robbie Pettigrew at either 375-9603 or 729-5513.  Donations can be made
through April 2.

Karen sent additional information which will be discussed in the next blog post.

March 25, 2007

The scandal involving the Texas Youth Commission is becoming more highly-publicized.  The
story was featured on tonight's "Geraldo at Large" (the Fox News Channel show with Geraldo
Rivera), and sure enough the Marlin situation was highlighted.  Today's Drudge Report has
not one but two articles on its 15-million readers per day home page about the situation.  Even
the New York Times has a reporter on the case.  According to his article up to 93% of the
inmates will be released after a case review.  In the article a Texas State Senator is quoted as
saying “If a young person refuses to have sex with a supervisor, they deduct a point, and
they’re required to stay longer.”  Assuming the predicted mass release occurs due to the
actions of the prison officials, the ramifications will as usual be far-reaching.  Not only will the
young criminals be thrust back into the community, the local TYC units will basically be empty
buildings.  If only 7% of the current inmates remain in custody there will undoubtedly be mass
employee layoffs.  This will certainly not help our local economy.  As an illustration of the
reverberative effect:  As I have mentioned before, my brother Bill has a Pizza Pro restaurant in
Mart, home to the largest TYC facility.  This facility currently employs 680 people.  
Click for
information on the Mart TYC facility.  A large percentage of Bill's clientele and sales come from
the TYC unit and its workers.  Bill works 60 hours per week at this location in support of his
wife and four young boys.  He will now be hit with an economic body-blow due to these prison
officials.  Disgusting.

March 24, 2007

Marlin appears to be a magnet for governmental shenanigans.  Now the superintendent of the
Texas Youth Commission facility has been arrested.  
Click for article.  To exacerbate the
negative publicity, the story has been placed on the home page of the Drudge Report.  
(According to their posted daily statistics, the Drudge Report had over 15 million readers

March 23, 2007

Bill O'Reilly has been running segments the past two days on the debauchery of Spring Break
participants on South Padre Island.  He has had various guests on discussing the causes of
students desiring to engage in said debauchery.  I'm not an expert on the psychological
causes but I can personally attest that such behavior among the 18-22 set is nothing new.   

The new head of the United Nations was visiting Baghdad when a rocket attack occurred
outside of his building.  He was in the middle of holding a news conference.  If you wish to see
the event on video
click here.

I have begun constructing the promised Kosse Echo page of this website.  With permission of
Kosse Echo publisher Nell McKinney, we will be reproducing historical articles that are
presented monthly in this great community newspaper.  They are most interesting.  
Click here
for the Kosse Echo page.

March 22, 2007

There were a number of big winners at the various Kosse Spring Festival events of last
weekend.  The 32" television raffled off by the Kosse Community Center was won by C.M. Hall.
Debbie Suttle won the Friends of the Park Barbecue Pit.  Her husband Bobby Joe Suttle is the
official brisket-smoker for the Kosse Cafe, so now he will have a new pit to utilize (although he
may wish to continue using his old pit as the briskets now are hard to beat).  Speaking of
Bobby Joe Suttle, he was one of the 4-H winners.  Diane Fraley won the $50.00, Bobby Joe
won the $100.00, and the big winner of the day was Nell McKinney who won the new cattle

The City of Kosse will be holding an election on May 12 to decide two City Council positions.  
There are four candidates: Incumbent Ronnie Funderburk, Harvey Few, Shelli McNutt, and
Heath Mitchell.  For information on receiving a mail-in ballot call the city office at 254-375-

The Kosse Chamber of Commerce has chosen the name for the upcoming annual 5K Run.  It
will be known as the Kosse Greyhound 5K.  I need to find out who chose this name.  It is a
perfect compliment to Kosse history and town pride.

The churches of Kosse are hosting the annual Easter Pageant from April 5-7.  Guided tours
will congregate at dusk at the Community Center.

March 21, 2007

Spring has officially arrived and the rain has returned to Kosse.  A global warming awareness
walk in Massachusetts was hampered by a severe snowstorm.  According to one of the
walkers, "the snow was so deep, it felt like we were breaking trail".  
Click for article.

Republican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told an interviewer on the Today
Show that Rush Limbaugh has become irrelevant.  
Click for article.  This comment got Rush's
hackles up and Arnold is now going to do an interview on today's Rush Limbaugh Show.  This
should be interesting.  My prediction is that Rush will be kissing up to the governor.  In regards
to Schwarzenegger, it is my opinion he would have an excellent chance to be elected
President in 2008 if he were eligible to run.  
Click for Presidential requirements.

A passenger in first class woke up to a shock when he found himself sitting near a corpse on a
British Airways flight, British newspapers reported on Monday. "The corpse was strapped into
the seat but because of turbulence it kept slipping down on to the floor," the man was quoted
as saying. "It was horrific."  
Click for quoted article.  

And life goes on in the Wonderland of Texas.

March 20, 2007

I am in internet nirvana.  My Embarq DSL service was turned on last night.  I signed up for
their fastest connection speed plan so I ran an internet connection speed test on C/NET.  
Click to test your internet connection speed.  It showed a speed of 3529.4 kbps.  My dial-up
was running at 33.2 kbps.  In other words it is over 106 times as fast as dial-up.  

I see the price of postage is going up again in May.  It will then cost 41-cents to mail a first
class letter.  
Click for article.  

March 17, 2007

I drove by Meadowcreek Park last night and observed a huge number of horse trailers.  
Today's equestrian event must be a very significant one in the equine world.  It was an idyllic
scene with the horses lined up in stalls and the grounds freshly mowed and neatly kept.

Being raised in Lake Jackson, I never really had an opportunity to interact with horses but I
can certainly understand the sentiment of horse lovers.  Of course now it would take a
Clydesdale to support my girth.

Spring Festival time has arrived.  Not only is this event enjoyed by the crowd, it is also a
fundraising source for many community organizations.  I think it's fair to say this is one of the
top days of the year for Kosse.  Personally I would rank the top three days for Kosse as the
annual Homecoming, July 4th Fireworks extravaganza, and the Spring Festival.

The Highway Department has switched the lanes open for traffic in the Highway 7 construction
area from the north half to the south half.  In other words, the traffic is now driving on the
Kosse Cafe side and the Cefco side is blocked off.  

We were very busy at the cafe yesterday due to the influx of people into Kosse for this
weekend's events.  As misfortune would have it one of our fryers went out and the parts to
repair it will not be in until next week.  Even though it was the smallest of the fryers it was
sorely missed.   As always Stacy and the crew pulled through even in the face of adversity.  
I've been in business for many years and have had literally hundreds of workers in four
counties.  The statement I am about to make is not simply platitudinous.  The  current group of
employees at the Kosse Cafe is the best crew I have ever had in any location during any
period of time.  

March 15, 2007

In yesterday's post I was complaining about my Hughes Net satellite internet service being out.
I was assuming the cause was our recent series of thunderstorms, but alas this was not the
case.  So I called their customer service with completely unsatisfactory results.  The Kosse
Blog gives Hughes Net a zero-star rating.  I then said to heck with it and called Embarq DSL.  I
talked to a young man from Illinois (who actually was an American and not someone from
Bombay that I could not understand) and he was most courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable.
He was telling me about a sideline enterprise he owns in the video production business.  
Anyway, it was a productive and interesting customer service experience and the Kosse Blog
gives our local phone company, Embarq, a five-star rating.  Speaking of Kosse Blog five-star
ratings, I need to go to Bushwhackers and have part of the bush on my head whacked off.  

The only day in the 7-day forecast that does not have a chance of rain is Saturday.  Let's
hope the prognosticators are correct and the Kosse Spring Festival and Meadowcreek Park
equestrian event can occur without bad weather.

March 14, 2007

The heavy rains continue.  As I write this we are under a severe thunderstorm watch.  My
satellite internet service has been out for the past two days at the office and I am having to
use dial-up.  I'll be glad when my fifteen month contract with Hughes Net ends so I can get
Embarq DSL at my office.  Not only is it much faster, it is also more reliable.  

I saw a new cattle trailer parked across from the cafe.  I am assuming it is the one being raffled
off at the Kosse Spring Festival this weekend as it had a sign on it saying chances could be
purchased for $10 at Kosse Feeds.  My knowledge of cattle trailers is about the same as my
knowledge of professional ice hockey so I really can't give an expert opinion on it, but it did
look like a nice, sturdy, long trailer that many around here would love to have.

I read that my favorite comic book superhero, Captain America, has been killed.  
Click for
article.  This character was created during the patriotic era of World War II, so his demise will
end a sixty-five year run.  I was an avid comic book reader in my early years.  At the time the
comic books cost 10-cents and were quite a treat.  In each issue there would be ads for young
entrepreneurs.  The two most prominent opportunities for budding businessmen were selling
seeds and greeting cards.  In fact, that is how I started my first business as a retailer for the
Cheerful Greeting Card company of White Plains, New York.  I actually made quite a bit of
money selling the Cheerful products as I had a captive audience of customers-- the teachers
at the school my father was principal of at the time.  I had grown up being recognized as the
son of Mr. Rasco rather than myself, so even at that age I was well aware of why the teachers
were so willing to buy the products.  Oh well, I was glad to make the money and the
merchandise was high quality and fairly priced.  I would pedal the Schwinn one-speed around
town going to the teachers' houses and collecting the orders.  They would generally offer me
soda and sweets while they perused through the catalogs, so it was a time of double
enjoyment: making money while being bombarded with totally unhealthy high-calorie snacks.  
Such was the life of a Lake Jackson nine-year old in 1966.

March 13, 2007

Kosse received quite a downpour last night and we are under a flash flood warning tonight.  I
was supposed to get my yard mowed later today but it looks like that will be postponed.

I reverted to the original Kosse Blog format.  It sounds strange but I can think of things to write
easier on this form.  While the other probably looked more professional, it was too antiseptic.

According to a report released by state regulators, TXU ripped off their customers in the
summer of 2005 to the tune of $70 million.  According to the article, this could complicate its
impending sale.  
Click for article.  I've discussed TXU quite a bit recently in blog posts.  In
reality TXU is not the company which provides power to Kosse.  The significance of TXU is the
relationship between them and the planned Kosse coal mine, and its impact on our
community's economic future.  One of my businesses does have TXU as the electric company,
so personally I would have been affected by the gouging.  I suppose it's possible there will be
a refund forthcoming.  They need to include two years of interest on the refund.
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