February 14, 2007

Winter has returned for Valentine's Day 2007.  According to the weather forecast, there is a
chance of snow flurries for the next couple of days.  I read in the Drudge Report that a
Congressional hearing on global warming had to be postponed due to an ice storm.  
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The First Baptist Church in Kosse has begun their weekly Family Nights.  Held each
Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m., there will be fun for all ages.  Games, craft demonstrations,
workshops, a reading club, and movies will be offered in a safe and wholesome environment.  
A concession stand will be in operation each week.  All are invited.

There was a huge fire at Clancy's Furniture in Mexia yesterday.
Click for article and video.  
The Mexia firefighters said it may be the biggest fire in history.  They think it started in a
dumpster in back of the store and spread inside the building.  Although I was not there when it
happened, a few years ago the grill at the cafe caught on fire one night.  As extreme good
fortune would have it, Kosse volunteer fireman Ronnie Funderburk was eating at the cafe
when it happened.  I was told he calmly got the fire extinguisher and put out the blaze.  As
related in an earlier blog post, the grocery store had a major conflagration when my brother
John owned it.

I miss my deceased dog who drove me crazy for four years.  It's been a couple of weeks since
Junior Rasco's infelicitous quietus and it still feels strange not having him greet and jump all
over me each time I return home.

February 12, 2007

The Kosse water situation is costing me an arm and a leg.  There is a boil order in place until
water samples are deemed safe.  I have already spent more on ice over the past four days
than it costs me to lease the icemaker for a month.  On top of that we are unable to sell
fountain drinks because our system mixes the syrup with water.  

I received an e-mail yesterday in regards to a prospective Kosse family.  The Wonderland of
Texas continues to be an attraction for many and deservedly so.  Anyway, I am going to post a
portion of his e-mail here in hopes of increasing his family's chances of becoming our new

My name is Marlon Brunson. My wife (Brandy Brunson), my son (Tristan Brunson), and I are
looking to re-locate from Denton,TX to Kosse. I have family in Kosse- (Winford &Linda
Herring), my mother and father. Due to concerns for their health, we are looking for a house
in Kosse.

I was wondering if you could post an ad stating that we are looking for a house? If so please
list it as:

Couple looking to relocate to Kosse. Looking for a house in the $10K - $18K price range.
Prefer owner financing. Don't mind fixing it up as long as it is not a complete run-down. Please
contact Marlon Brunson @940-484-0414, marlonbrunson@charter.net (Email).

February 10, 2007

The water in Kosse was turned off between Thursday evening and early Friday afternoon.  
Needless to say it made things quite difficult at the cafe.

I noticed in this week's Groesbeck Journal two separate articles involving fraudulent phone
solicitations invoking the name of law enforcement agencies.  I get these calls on a frequent
basis and not only are they bothersome but now I know they are a scam.  I have found the
most gratifying response is to ask the solicitor what percentage of the proceeds actually go to
the organization and if they will send me a copy of their latest non-profit organization financial
statement.  It's amazing how many will actually hang up on me at that point.  

Our neighbor to the north, the city of Mexia, is receiving indirect national coverage in regards
to the death of Anna Nicole Smith.  
Click for article.  The link of course is Anna Nicole's stint as
a waitress and employee of Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken in Mexia two decades ago.  I'll bet I've
read about the fried chicken connection at least 100 times over the years and never
understood what was so significant about it.  I would assume a substantial number of famous
people worked at a fast food place in their teens, but for some reason Anna Nicole's
employment at the chicken place was regularly mentioned and highly-publicized.  Perhaps one
of my employees will one day show up on a critically-panned reality show and put the Kosse
Cafe on the map.  

February 8, 2007

I received a call from a gentleman in Falls County inquiring about the Falls concrete low water
crossing.  He was wondering when the concrete roadway was layed and by whom.  He said it
was probably done in the early-1900's.  I have no idea but told him I would post it in the Kosse
Blog in case someone has this information.  Send me an e-mail if you know the answer.

Even though it's still chilly we are beginning to see the signs of spring weather.  My favorite
time of the year is autumn because it portends a break from the dog days of August.  My
second favorite time of year is spring and the 70-degree weather.

As most Kosseites know, there is a coal production facility slated to be built east of Kosse
which should result in significant economic opportunities for our community.  This facility will
provide product for a planned number of clean-burning coal electricity plants in the central
Texas area.  I see the Baptist General Convention of Texas is mobilizing Baptists to oppose
the coal-fired plants by urging members to contact legislators.  
Click for article.  As anyone
who regularly reads this blog knows, I am a strong proponent of economic progress for
Kosse.  Part of this outlook is selfish as the Kosse Cafe is located here and it would help my
pocketbook to have the coal production facility located outside of town.  With that said I hope
the Baptists do not sabotage or slow down this project.   

February 5, 2007

The Bremond sports fans have struck again.  A couple of months ago they were fighting
among themselves over the football coach's onfield decision making.  Now they have evidently
attacked the Chilton fans after losing a basketball game last Friday night.  The sheriff's
department and police department had to be called in to stop the brawl.  
Click for article.  

President Bush is requesting (so far) a total of $170 billion for the war in Iraq this year.  
for article.  I found a website which shows the real-time cost of the war monetarily.  It changes
by the second, but as of the moment I am writing this it is up to approximately $364 billion.  
Click for website.  Add the $170 billion to the $364 billion and you are at $534 billion by the
end of the year.  That is $1760 for every person in the United States.  For the typical family of
four that comes to $7120.  So what is the result?  Last week alone over 1000 Iraqis were killed
and 21 Americans were killed in helicopters being shot down, bringing the total American
death toll to over 3100.  
Click for article.  This is beyond a mess and it is disturbing to have
Dick Cheney imply those who are voicing dissent are unpatriotic or aiding the terrorists.  
Perhaps if Jenna and Barbara Bush were spending their second or third full tour of duty in
Baghdad rather than partying in Argentina there would be a different outlook by some on this
disastrous folly.  

February 3, 2007

My dog Junior met with an unfortunate demise yesterday.  I will no longer have him around to
drive me crazy.  He evidently met his maker at the hands of a vehicle traveling down Highway
14.  Despite his jumping through a glass window while barking at the cats, despite his learning
to turn on the outdoor faucet and flooding the yard on numerous occasions, despite his biting
the Orkin Pest Control man, and despite his finding great enjoyment jumping on me after
wallowing in the mud, Junior was a totally loyal member of the family.  Rest in peace Junior
Rasco.  You will be missed.

Florida was hit by a killer tornado Friday.  
Click for article.  Twenty people were killed.  I heard
on the news it was classified an F-2, which is the same intensity as the one that hit here a few
weeks ago.  We were really lucky it skirted the towns along Highway 14.  If it had made its 17
mile swath a couple of miles more easterly (through the downtown areas of Thornton and
Groesbeck) there undoubtedly would have been many more casualties than in Florida.  Scary.

February 2, 2007

Groundhog Day 2007 and it's cold in Kosse.  It's supposed to get down in the mid-20's
tomorrow  night.  As fast as time seems to fly I imagine hot weather will soon seem on the

About once a week I have someone wanting to buy my car.  There have been many people I
do not know stop at the house inquiring about it.  I have had many ask me on the street or at
one of the businesses if I will sell it to them.  I even had an offer for it one day at a
convenience store in Hearne.  So what is this Crown Jewel of the automotive industry that is in
such high demand?  A 1989 Chevrolet Caprice with faded paint and a gas-guzzling engine.  I
was told by one of the aspiring buyers that it was in such high demand because it is a
pimpmobile.  So I looked up to see exactly what a pimpmobile is.  
Click for article.  Quoting
from the article: "The TV show 'Pimp My Ride' would usually customize a vehicle other than a
Cadillac or Lincoln (for example, Chevrolet Caprice or Ford Crown Victoria). The vehicles
created were pimped..."  Evidently some television show called "Pimp My Ride" has turned my
work car into a coveted mode of transportation.  I think I'll keep the car, but if anyone ever
produces a TV show called "Pimp My Pizza Oven", I do have a couple of Impinger II conveyor
ovens I'll be glad to consider offers on.    

Get a Life Headline of the Day:
And This Man Has a Ph.D.?

January 30, 2007

Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro has been euthanized.  Click for article.  There appears to be
some progress on the Highway 7 West construction.  Click for article.  Miss Oklahoma has
been named Miss America and Miss Texas was first runner-up.  
Click for article.

I received an interesting and most gratifying e-mail today.  I hope the sender does not mind
me sharing it.  It is further indication that the charms of Kosse are shared by many.


Just thought you would like to know, I visit your sight often and enjoy reading the blog.  In fact
I enjoy the whole sight.  I plan to retire in Kosse some day and it’s a great way for me to keep
up on the very exciting happenings around the Kosse area.  

One of the first stops my husband and I made when we first bought our property was the café,
when it was at the other location.  And of course the first person we encountered was
Chicken.  She was very friendly and informative.   We still rely on her to keep us up to date on
the weather and the happenings around Kosse, when we get the chance to see her.

I have been wondering about the original location of the old town of Eutaw.  Would you be
able to tell me where it was?

And before I go, please don’t take this the wrong way, but we bought a dog, (a catahoula)
about the same time we bought our property, back in 1998.  We couldn’t think of a good name
for him until we passed the grocery store and saw the  Rasco’s grocery sign.  It assisted us in
deciding to name our pet “Rosco”.  He grew up to be a 100 (+) lb. dog and we enjoyed him for
several years.  Rosco has since left us but I think of him every time I pass the old store place.

And now I must return to work before I get caught goofing off.  Keep up the good work on
your site.

Anita Burr

I will be sending what information I have on Eutaw and feel honored to have had their canine
named Rosco, even though I am not sure what breed a catahoula is.  If anyone has info on
Eutaw you can e-mail it and I will forward it to Anita.

January 28, 2007

I officially entered my sixth decade of existence eighteen days ago.  Considering the scores of
not-so-wise things I've done in my life, I consider it an amazing privilege to still be around.  
Anyway, a couple of days after my birthday I received a letter from AARP with the following
message emblazoned across the envelope: "Now That You're 50, We're Here to Help".  So I'm
wondering what marketing genius from AARP came up with the idea to announce to anyone
who might see the envelope that the recipient (in this case me) had reached the big 5-0.  
While I could not care less about who knows I'm 50 (when you look like you're 82 it's nice to
have people know you're only 50), I imagine there are many people who would prefer this
milestone not be heralded to postal workers.  

Meadowcreek Park was the host for an equestrian event this weekend and the weather fully
cooperated.  For the umpteenth time I will say what a positive effect Sam and Jodye Lindsey's
efforts have had on our unique community.

Law Enforcement Headline of the Day:
It's Time for Calisthenics

January 25, 2007

Eleven months until Christmas and Kosse has lost two of her long-time residents.  George
Woodworth and Gladys Tillmon have passed away.  George was a good guy.  About fifteen
years ago he donated a house to the Kosse Lions Club.  The house was sold and the monies
were used to help construct the Kosse Lions Park softball fields.  Gladys was the wife of the
late Boyd Tillman and a long-time fixture in Kosse.  Our condolences.

The Kosse First United Methodist Church has a new pastor, the Reverend Sharon Watt.  I
don't know anything about her but wish her well.  The Methodist Church has been very active
and progressive in recent years, as is evidenced by their new pavilion and constant
community activities.

There will be a meeting at the Kosse First Baptist Church on January 30 at 7:00 p.m. for the
purpose of planning the annual Easter pageant.  This is a well-attended and professionally
done production.  All are invited.
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