December 5, 2006

Stacy Lockhart, manager of the Kosse Cafe, is a proud mother today.  Her and Jeff's daughter
Stephanie has been named Groesbeck Middle School Student of the Month.  There is going
to be a ceremony at the cafe next Tuesday between 12:30-1:00 p.m. to present a plaque to
Jeff and Stacy for Stephanie's honor.  Stephanie is in the eighth grade.  Superintendent John
Key will be making the presentation.  Everyone is invited.  Although I don't know the number of
students at the Middle School, I would imagine it is somewhere around three hundred.  
Stephanie is among a select few who will receive this award, and we are all very proud of her.  
I've known her since she was born and she has always been a sweet girl who actually
understands my corny sense of humor.  There's a position waiting for her as a Kosse Cafe
waitress when she gets a little older and I hope she takes it.  Way to go Stephanie!

I came across a history of Groesbeck I.S.D. on the district website.  It is written by William
Reagan.  I think he is one of the teachers although I am not sure.  His parents were teachers
when I was a student there in the Dark Ages.  Anyway, it is very interesting and has some
great photos.  
Click for Groesbeck I.S.D. History.  

Song of the Day:
Boston Pops Orchestra/Theme From Batman

Cadaver Headline of the Day:
I'd Ask For a Refund

December 4, 2006

The strangeness continues in Falls County.  Saturday a wooden bridge outside of Marlin
burned up, closing the road until $80,000 of repairs are done.  
Click for article.  Considering
we had no lightning and there was high humidity that day, it is obvious someone burned the
bridge down.  

The Kosse Ladies Christmas Party is tonight at 6:30 at the Kosse First Baptist Church.  
Christmas is only three weeks from today and 2007 arrives in four weeks.  

I'm working on a really neat new section of this website.  When completed, you will be able to
watch literally hundreds of classic television shows, movies, documentaries, classic
commercials, cartoons, and more.  These will be the complete presentations rather than
simply clips, and it only requires watching a short commercial at its beginning.  It should be
posted within the next week.  

Song of the Day:
Cyndi Lauper/Time After Time

Granny Headline of the Day:
Put That Woman in Gamblers Anonymous Immediately

December 3, 2006

I've added a Kosse Demographics section to the City of Kosse page.  It gives all sorts of
information about the people in our Kosse zipcode.  See how you compare.  
Click for page.

The Falls County Tax Assessor/Collector's office reopened Friday after being closed for two
weeks.  According to the new tax assessor/collector, it was standing room only for those
waiting to get their cars registered and taxes paid.  
Click for article.

Young Brothers Contracting, a long-time Waco business, has evidently been illegally dumping
hazardous waste in the Thelma community near Groesbeck.  Not good.  
Click for article.

I was told by one of my employees that TABC had conducted a sting operation in Kosse a
couple of days ago in which someone under eighteen was sent into the Cefco to attempt to
buy cigarettes.  They were indeed sold and the clerk was arrested.  This is one of a number of
reasons I long ago got out of the tobacco/alcohol business.  I've had people tell me we should
get an on-premises beer license and it would help the cafe's business.  I don't know if it would
or not, but I do know it would change the family atmosphere of the place and put us at greater
liability risk.  Anyway, the cafe will remain dry.

Song of the Day:
The Box Tops/Soul Deep

Ludicrous Headline of the Day:
Arizona's Finest In Action (
Click for article.)  (Click for video.)

December 1, 2006

The final month of 2006 arrives.  It's extremely cold tonight with a hard freeze.  Thank
goodness it's not raining.  We salt down the cafe sidewalk during ice storms but it is still quite

The Falls County Tax Assessor/Collector's office will reopen today.  
Click for article.  The price
of oil is on the upswing again.
 Click for article.  Wal-Mart had their first sales decline in a
Click for article.  The Palestinians cannot get along with each other, much less the
Click for article.  My dog continues to drive me crazy and life moves on in Kosse, Texas.

Song of the Day:
Dixie Chicks/Wide Open Spaces

Would You Believe Headline of the Day:
Time for the Help Wanted Sign

November 30, 2006

It is 1:00 a.m. and I just stepped outside to discover the norther had arrived.  I went to
Rosebud last night and sweated the whole time in the midst of the 500-degree pizza ovens.  I
doubt they will be sweating the next few days.  It will be in the 30's all day today with wind chills
in the teens.  Tomorrow night is predicted to reach a low of 20.  The 28 days over 100 that we
felt in August will be only a memory.  

The Falls County Tax Assessor/Collector's office is still shut down.  
Click for article.  People
are unable to register their cars or pay their taxes.  There are many who consider themselves
Kosseites who actually live in Falls County, as it is only a few hundred yards down Highway 7
and also Highway 14.  Considering the length of time this office has been closed, I would
assume some of their vehicles are going out of registration today.  This will put them at risk of
a fine if they are pulled over with expired tags.  According to the linked article, "if you're car
tags are getting ready to expire or are expired and you live in Falls County you're out of luck!"  
What kind of fairness is that?!  I would think it's about time for the state to intervene and get
this office back open.  I do not know the previous Falls County Tax Assessor/Collector who
resigned after her indictment, but she has sure put a lot of people in a bind.

I want to give a Kosse Blog five-star rating to one of our local businesses.  A couple of days
ago my starter went out on my car and I was stranded at my office.  I went across the street to
Jimmy O'Neal's automotive repair shop and he was here in a matter of minutes.  Not only did
he have the part delivered by lunchtime, it was ready to go by 2:30.  The price was
reasonable and the car was properly repaired.  While it is never a pleasant experience having
a dead vehicle, the experience with Jimmy O'Neal was quite pleasant.  Kosse is fortunate to
have such a helpful five-star mechanic.

It was three years ago today that Stewart was killed.  His favorite musical group was Pearl Jam.

Song of the Day:
Pearl Jam/Last Kiss

November 28, 2006

Tim and Karen Partin are new parents.  Their daughter Karter is our newest Kosse citizen.  
Grandparents are DeWitt and Mary Ann Johnson.  Tim and Karen are the owners of Kosse
Feeds.  DeWitt and Mary Ann own De's Parts and Services.  Congratulations.

According to the results of a study by psychiatrist Dr. Luan Brizendine, the average female
speaks 20,000 words per day while the average male speaks 7000.  Assuming a person
sleeps eight hours per day, this means the average female speaks 1250 words each waking
Click for article.  If the average is 20,000 words per day, I have one young lady working
at the cafe who speaks at least 50,000 each day.  She's never quiet and will say anything that
crosses her mind.  A couple of weeks ago I was at the cafe on a Friday.  It was during the
middle of lunch and the place was packed.  I was sitting in the middle of the cafe so was a
significant distance from the kitchen.  I can barely hear out of my right ear and in loud
gatherings, such as that moment in the cafe, my hearing ability is virtually nil.  I am blessed
with great employees for the most part, and everyone was working like a well-oiled machine.  
All of a sudden (keeping in mind I am basically deaf in loud gatherings) I hear a loud
announcement being made by this employee who is forty feet away in the dishwashing area.  
She announced that she had nothing to do.  While listening to this announcement I am
observing a number of tables which are no longer occupied and need cleaning.  Considering
the employee telling the whole cafe she had nothing to do was a busperson and responsible
for helping clean the dirty tables, I did not find it a gratifying situation and immediately pointed
out the dirty tables to her.  Geez.

Song of the Day:
Bachman-Turner Overdrive/You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Paranoia Headline of the Day:
Maybe They Could Take DNA Samples Instead

November 27, 2006

I've been working on the Consumer Tips section of this website and have so far compiled
experts' articles on eighty-eight different subjects.  There is a lot of helpful information in these
articles and the list of subjects will keep growing as time permits.  
Click for Consumer Tips

It's supposed to get down in the 20's this Friday and Saturday nights.  Getting pretty darn
chilly in Kosse.  Of course winter is only three and a half weeks away.  With the cooler weather
my electric bills dropped by 40% over their summer highs.     

I received an e-mail from a lady doing a genealogical survey of her husband's family.  I sent
her a certain amount of information but I'm sure she would appreciate any additional help
which might be forthcoming on the subject.


I am doing some geneology on my husband's family which has roots in the Kosse-Groesbeck
area.  I was wondering if people with the Freeman name still live in the area.  My husband's
(maternal) grandfather is buried in the Freeman family plot in the Kosse Cemetary and it was
told that he was a half brother to the Freeman boy, Walter.  I have been unable to locate any
history of a marriage of Tom Jones to a woman named Freeman, and was hoping to locate a
Freeman decendent who has done some family research.  I have traced all the other family
branches back to the early 1800's, but have been unable to make any headway on this
branch.  If you have any Freeman's that frequent your cafe, I would love to correspond with
them or if you know of any history on these families.  Time is running out on my recovering
any "living" information on this Jones branch as only two members are still living.....with many
blanks as they are well up in age.  Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a great


Dee McDowell

Song of the Day:
Simon and Garfunkel/Bridge Over Troubled Water

Cash In the Chips Headline of the Day:
What a Thoughtful Guy

November 24, 2006

It was a very nice Thanksgiving.  All five of us surviving Rasco siblings were together with
Mother at my sister Lee Ann's house.  I'm not sure how it happened so quickly, but I find
myself among the old geezers at the Rasco family gatherings.  I turned around one day and
suddenly Ryan and his cousins were adults.  I've got some really smart and sweet nephews
and nieces.

Someone had the bright idea of taking pictures outside at dusk and we ended up being eaten
alive by swarms of mosquitoes.  I remember as a youngster living on the coast with the
constant presence of mosquitoes.  (In fact, the Brazosport area has an annual Great Texas
Mosquito Festival to honor the ever-present pests.  
Click for article.)  Every few days a city
truck would come by and fog the neighborhood with mosquito killer.  All of us kids would run
outside to be in the middle of the aromatic fog.  Being the early 1960's I imagine we inhaled a
significant amount of DDT and other pesticides during our fog forays.  Maybe that explains
some of my mental problems.

I'm adding classical music to the Music Library section of this website.  My favorite operatic
composer is Richard Wagner so my first additions were three of his best compositions.  
Today's Song of the Day is perhaps his best known work, as performed by the National
Orchestra of Slovakia.  

Song of the Day:
Richard Wagner/Ride of the Valkyries

Telemarketer Headline of the Day:
Would You Mind Taking a Polygraph?
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