November 22, 2006

Forty-three years ago today President John Kennedy was assassinated.  Even as a six-year
old I remember as we were told by our teacher the president had been killed.  It didn't really
mean much to me at the age of six.  What I took note of most that day was how the teachers
were reacting and the somberness among them.    

Turkey Day is almost upon us and beautiful weather is predicted.  I'll be heading south for a
couple of days so the Kosse Blog will probably not be posted again until Friday.  I think it's fair
to say that Thanksgiving ranks #2 on most American's list of holidays, preceded only by
Christmas.  Among the people I will see is my mother.  The doctor changed some of her
medications and she is now feeling much better.  According to my sister she is eating twice
what she had been and has actually gained a little weight.  I wish I could give her about thirty
of my pounds and we would both be better off.  

It was a tough personal day for people involved with President Bush yesterday.  His daughter
Barbara was robbed in Argentina despite having Secret Service protection.  
Click for article.  
In the same article it mentions that one of the Secret Service agents in the Barbara detail was
badly beaten after a night out in Buenos Aires.  In Honolulu the head of the White House
Travel Office was beaten, robbed, and left lying in a pool of blood while on a trip with the
Click for article.  The Honolulu layover also resulted in three separate motorcycle
crashes in the Presidential escort, with two of the victims now in serious condition.  
Click for
article.  Our Commander-in-Chief has had a bad month and it looks like it's catching.

I mentioned a few days ago I had gone to the doctor to get my prescriptions refilled.  Before
going I got on and printed the list of $4.00 generic prescriptions they are now
offering.  To make a long story short, I was able to save about 2/3 off what I had been paying
to stay alive.  Being a sufferer of every malady known to mankind, this represents about
$200.00 for a three-month period.  Wal Mart has caught a lot of flak lately from various
sources but I am certainly glad someone in Bentonville, Arkansas decided to bring the price of
drugs down.

I received an interesting e-mail today from Ronnie Yarber, a native Kosseite now living in
Athens, Texas. I answered his questions but thought perhaps others can send him their
recollections of this interesting Kosse landmark.

Mr. Rasco,
I read your blog page regularly. I was born and reared in Kosse during the 40's and 50's. I am
curious to know if the Bassett building that has been sold is the building that was a drug store
during those years. If it is the building that has the metal stair case on the side I would buy a
nickel ice cream cone and sit up on the stairs and eat it. I was also taken to the Doctor who
had an office upstairs. His name was Doctor Smith as I recall. Also I believe there was a Dr.
Green who was there at one time.

Also, I have eaten in the Kosse Cafe a few times in the past whenever I came through Kosse
for whatever reason. On one occasion I met and talked with Kenneth Simms, the former
pro-football player from Kosse, in the Cafe.

Thanks for any response you could give on the building.

Ronnie Yarber
Athens, Texas

Song of the Day:
Hank Williams, Sr./Your Cheatin' Heart

Mother of the Year Headline of the Day:
Dumb and Dumber

November 21, 2006

We're supposed to get our first freeze tonight.  The yard mowing ends and the leaf raking

The Falls County Tax Assessor/Collector drama gets stranger by the day.  It has now come to
the point that the office has shut down.  
Click for article.  I guess that's about as bad as it can
get if they have to literally close the office.  

We have hired Stephanie Lockhart and Brittney Sellers to distribute a circular offering
coupons for discounts on the award-winning Kosse Cafe Catfish.  It's nice to see girls like
Stephanie and Brittney wanting to earn a little money during their Thanksgiving break from
school.  I have a feeling they may be two of our future waitresses.  

Yesterday I mentioned one of the most powerful Congressman was introducing a bill to
reinstitute the draft.  The idea is being shot down today and it appears this will not be
Click for article.

Song of the Day:
Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs/Little Red Riding Hood

Customer Service Headline of the Day:
Next Time Keep the Wife at Home

November 20, 2006

Former Secretary of State and legendary negotiator Henry Kissinger has stated an Iraq
military win is an impossibility.  
Click for article.   One hundred-twelve Iraqis were killed
yesterday by other Iraqis.  
Click for article.  The incoming chairman of the House Ways and
Means Committee is introducing a bill to bring back the military draft and mandate military
service for men and women between age 18 and 42.  
Click for article.  What a mess.

I was watching a show on the History International Channel about the 1989 San Francisco
earthquake.  This was the one that took place immediately before the beginning of the World
Series at Candlestick Park.  I was watching the World Series pre-game show with Al Michaels
and Joe Morgan when the quake hit.  The signal immediately went off the air and a few
minutes later the first videos of the damage begin airing.  Six months later we went on vacation
to San Francisco.  We rode a Gray Line Tours bus which showed the damage in the various
parts of the city.  It was strange to see the formerly double-decker freeways which had
collapsed.  It was also strange when the bus driver took us into the gay area of San Francisco,
but that's another story.

As far as I can remember, Kosse has escaped any major natural disaster.  Around here the
most common wrath of mother nature is manifested in a tornado.  The two worst I am aware of
in this area were the Waco tornado of May 11, 1953 which killed 114 (
click for article), and the
Jarrell tornado of May 27, 1997 which killed 27.  
Click for article.  Thornton was hit a few years
ago by a tornado.  A few people got banged up but no one died.  

Song of the Day:
Henry Mancini/Theme from "Rocky"

High Cholesterol Headline of the Day:
Why Don't We Stick Him In the Fryer

November 19, 2006

I visited with a couple of gentleman tonight.  Charles Boren stopped by my office to tell me I
had left my headlights on.  Charles was one of the ministers at the Lake Jackson Church of
Christ in the early 1970's and I had not seen him in the ensuing thirty years.  He is now
preaching at the Kosse Church of Christ and lives behind the Cefco.  It was nice seeing him
after all these years.  

I also met the gentleman who bought the Bassett Building next to my office.  Robert and
Dianne Bailey are the new owners of this historic piece of property.  They live in DeSoto.  
Robert will be turning the building into living quarters as he works extensively in this area.  He
was commenting on the doctor's office that was once located there.  There is still clinic
equipment in the upstairs rooms from the early 1900's medical practice.  I am going to ask him
if I can see it sometime.  Sounds quite interesting.

Song of the Day:
George Strait/Baby's Gotten Good at Goodbye

Octogenarian Headline of the Day:
When You Gotta Go...

November 18, 2006

The kids are out of school for the next week.  The weather is crisp and almost perfect, and the
leaves are beginning to fall off the trees.  My favorite time of the year is here.

I went to a doctor's office in Marlin yesterday.  I normally go to the Bremond clinic but the
doctor was not going to be there for the next two weeks.  I was low on my prescriptions so I
had to go to a doctor in Marlin.  My appointment was at 1:30.  When I arrived there were about
twenty people waiting.  I asked the receptionist how long the estimated wait would be.  She
said he was still at lunch until 2:00 and then it would probably be another thirty minutes.  She
then told me I had to go to the front desk and pay the $65.00 before he could be seen.  So I
went and payed and returned to the office.  I noticed a sign beside the receptionist window
that said "If you have to wait 45 minutes beyond your appointment time please contact the
clinic administration".  By now there are probably twenty-five people waiting and the doctor is
still on his lunch break.  I am required to fill out a five-page questionnaire asking every
question imaginable, about half of which I had no idea the answer to.  At 3:30 I was finally
called in.  Fifteen minutes later the doctor walks in.  Thank goodness I had my list of questions
and prescription needs written down.  He was in the room long enough to write the
prescriptions and stick a stethoscope on my chest.  As mentioned before, I suffer from just
about every malady known to mankind.  He wrote out the prescriptions without question or
examination.  I assume I could have asked for any medicine imaginable and would have
received it.  It was all quite strange.

Speaking of the continually growing list of strange events in our neighbor to the west, the Falls
County Central Appraisal District has filed suit against the Citizens State Bank of Marlin,
alleging that unauthorized and forged checks totaling more than $200,000 were cashed
without required signatures between December 1998 and May 2006.  
Click for article.  

Song of the Day:
Percy Faith/Theme From "A Summer Place"

Criminal Mastermind Headline of the Day:
Next Time Go to Best Buy

November 16, 2006

The price of oil continues to drop.  It fell 4% today.  Click for article.  If gasoline goes down 4%
it will be below $2.00 per gallon in Kosse.

A couple months ago I bought two lighted outdoor signs for the cafe and Rosebud.  
Yesterday's high winds damaged both of them.  I cannot recall such high winds lasting for so
long a period of time.  
Click for related article.  In the mid-1990's a large portion of the grocery
store roof was blown off one night.  I remember driving up the next morning and seeing a huge
amount of debris on the Highway 7 side of the store and wondering what it was.  Unfortunately
It was my roof.  The most harrowing high wind experience of my life occurred in the late 1980's
in Houston.  A hurricane had hit that morning somewhere on the coast and Houston was
experiencing very high winds.  I was driving home in a torrential downpour.  The exit off the
tollway onto Interstate 10 was a long one-lane road which was the top tier of four highway
levels.  It slowly arched into a 90-degree turn and rose into the air at least 100 feet.  I suffer
from acrophobia (fear of heights) and this particular road caused a near panic attack each
time I traversed it.  So I am driving slowly up it getting more freaked out by the moment.  The
winds are blowing the mid-sized car around to the point of almost no control.  Cars are in front
of me and behind me and my chest is tightening with each passing moment.  I finally got to the
point where I was going downhill.  I don't know if it is common among acrophobics, but my
panic subsides when I am going downhill rather than uphill.  The worst was over and the
remainder of the trip was uneventful.  I have been fearful of heights all my life and if possible
avoid driving over tall bridges, getting close to multi-story balconies, riding ferris wheels,
climbing tall ladders, and sleeping in the top part of a bunkbed.

Song of the Day:
Paul McCartney and Wings/Jet

Dumb Idea Headline of the Day:
He Lost By a Head

November 15, 2006

The drama continues for the Falls County government.  A new tax assessor/collector was
named a couple of weeks ago after the previous one resigned following indictment.  Yesterday
the new one resigned after seeing the difficulty of trying to clean the office up.  
Click for
article.  To further add to the bad news coming out of Marlin, a man was shot and killed at his
house during the night Monday morning.  The killers were going to murder a second man but
decided it against it.  A relative of the victim was quoted as saying "they put the gun to him,
but since he was an old cat they let him go."  
Click for article.

Tomorrow night is the annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Kosse Community Center.  The
community center is constantly being utilized for various events which draw people to Kosse.  
It has seen many physical improvements over the past few years due to the hard work of
people like Nora Ensminger and others.  It is yet another example of Kosse's excellence for a
town of 500.  

Song of the Day:
Led Zeppelin/Immigrant Song

Cherry Pie Headline of the Day:
Our Law Enforcement In Action
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