October 8, 2006

The Texas gubernatorial debate was held Friday night.  The participants were incumbent Rick
Perry, Democratic nominee Chris Bell, independent State Comptroller Carole Keeton
Strayhorn, and independent Kinky Friedman.  It was certainly interesting.  This is my critique
and impressions of each of their debate performances:

Chris Bell:  Knowledgeable, extremely bland and uninspiring, liberal, used talking points to
answer every response, changed the subject when he was asked about being so boring.

Carole Keeton Strayhorn:  Unknowledgeable, evasive when pressed about a previous
campaign pledge that was evidently not honored, ridiculously claimed to be an Austin outsider
even though she has served as Austin mayor and State Comptroller, unable to answer any
unrehearsed answer, not confidence inspiring.

Rick Perry:  Polished and knowledgeable, confident in his answers, intelligent arguments,
refused to acknowledge independent candidates during closing statement, holier-than-thou
attitude towards Kinky Friedman.

Kinky Friedman:  Totally unpretentious, biting yet truthful humor, anti-establishment, wore
cowboy hat and held unlit cigar throughout debate and stated he would continue to smoke
cigars while in office, politically incorrect while speaking reality, knowledgeable, committed in
his beliefs, someone who would attempt to shake up state government while meeting fierce
resistance from the legislature.

The story regarding the roots of the Kosse Cafe will be continued in the next post of the Kosse

Click here if you would like to see an aerial view of Kosse.  You can zoom in as you desire to
for more detail of any particular spot in our great little community.

The Song of the Day features the talents of Kosse's own Bob Wills.  
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information on Bob Wills.

Song of the Day:
Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys/San Antonio Rose

Mailbag Headline of the Day:
Christmas Cards, Blow, and a Fast Car: We Deliver For You

October 7, 2006

The Kosse Cafe became part of the Rasco Business Group in June, 1994.  The owner of the
downtown restaurant in 1994 was Peggy Clark, and appropriately enough it was being
operated as Peggy's Cafe.  It was in the building which now houses my office, across the
highway from our grocery store.  One of my employees at the time was Peggy's
granddaughter, Tonya.  One day Tonya mentioned that Peggy wanted to sell the cafe.   
Having always been interested in the foodservice business, my mind immediately went to
work.  The restaurant business is a perfect match for the grocery business, as is evidenced by
virtually every convenience or grocery store in America selling prepared foods.  The first thing
I needed to find out was the asking price, and make sure she was truly serious about selling.  I
had Tonya go across the street and get further details.  She returned with the price and
affirmation that Peggy was indeed ready to sell.  Upon hearing the price, I hot-footed it across
the street to further inspect the place and talk to Peggy.  I had known Peggy for a couple of
years and knew she was a woman who spoke her mind, but that day she was sweet as could
be.  The workers were all smiles and looked like they were having the time of their lives.  She
invited me to look around and answered a few pertinent business-related questions.  I was not
going to quibble over the price as it was extremely fair.  It was the beginning of lunchtime and
it was evident she was getting a certain amount of business.  The building itself was worth
about 2/3 of her asking price so I knew I would have a minimal amount at risk.  I told her I'd get
back in touch and went to my office to contemplate the situation.  I made a list of pros and
cons, and drew up a list of expenses that would be incurred in making needed improvements
to what I had just seen.  The price of the improvements would equal her asking price for the
business, but it would still come out to be an excellent bargain.  Within an hour I knew it was
going to be a go.  And that's when the real fun began.  
To be continued in the next post of the
Kosse Blog

Song of the Day:
Reba McIntyre/Whoever's in New England    

State Fair Headline of the Day:
Not a Well-Grounded Man

October 5, 2006

According to the Bremond Press, the Super WalMart in Marlin is finally going to be a reality.  
This has been rumored for years and now appears on the horizon of fruition.  Undoubtedly
this will have a major negative impact on the Marlin HEB, as they have had no real competition
for years.  The last time I was at HEB the area around the front entrance was crowded with
ghetto teenage loiterers, one of whom was asking everyone who walked by for money.  It was
not exactly an inviting environment.  

I had a nice conversation with Mary Brantner while making my bank deposit this morning.  We
were primarily discussing the realities of growing old and the accompanying afflictions.  
Speaking of which, my mother is facing even more health complications.  While in the hospital
for congestive heart failure it was discovered she has what appears to be a malignant growth
on her liver.  This comes a couple of months after she had her breast removed.  She was in
good health until a few years ago and all of a sudden one thing after another begin attacking
her body.  The ravages of age spare no one.

In the Kosse blog post of June 11, 2006, I wrote of the need for street improvements within our
great little town, and offered what would be a fair and relatively painless process through
which this could be accomplished.  
Click for June 11, 2006 article.  I was most gratified to see
an announcement from Mayor Ben Daniell that this proposal will be on the November ballot in
the form of a city referendum.  What is even more gratifying is knowing our city officials are
forward-looking and seeking a better quality of life for the future of Kosse.  

Song of the Day:
Tammy Wynette/Stand By Your Man

Enjoy Your Flight Headline of the Day:
No Ifs, Ands, or Butts

October 3, 2006

One of our Kosse Cafe waitresses tied the knot this past weekend.  Lisa Taylor is now Mrs.
Robert Sumner.  We wish them the best.

This was sure a busy news day.  One bit of good news for Kosse drivers is that the price of oil
has dropped over 3% in the last two days, which should bring down the price of  gasoline
another eight or nine cents.  
Click for article.  On the opposite extreme, a milk-truck driver in
Pennsylvania went to a one-room Amish school, lined eleven girls up, and shot them all in the
head execution-style.  So far four have died and the rest are in grave condition.  
Click for
article.  Mark Foley, the evidently gay Congressman who was caught sending disgusting e-
mails to a teenage male Congressional page has entered alcohol rehab.  
Click for article.  
(Perhaps he and Mel Gibson could get in on the Happy Valley Rehab two-for-one special.)  
Highly-respected Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward has written a book which claims to
detail how the Bush administration is misleading the American public on the Iraq War.  
Click for
article.  Texas will attempt to end the practice of selling a car to someone and telling the tax
office it was purchased for less than it actually was, thus avoiding paying as much tax on the
vehicle.  Quoting the tax assessor/collector in San Antonio, ‘‘There are going to be a lot of
unhappy people.  People just don’t know what is going to hit them.’’  
Click for article.  In two
weeks, the U.S. population will hit 300 million, behind only China and India.  
Click for article.
And to think my biggest concern had been how much mozzarella cheese went up in price this

Song of the Day:
Smoky Robinson and the Miracles/Tears of a Clown

Shrubbery Headline of the Day:
Time to Invest in a Porta-Potty

October 1, 2006

The final quarter of 2006 has arrived along with another wave of hot and humid weather.  

Technology has brought many improvements to our lives.  With that said, I am at my wit's end
by an increasing inundation of spam e-mails and unsolicited solicitation calls.  Just in case
anyone involved in hounding me is reading this, I do
not need the following:

1. A free four-room satellite television system.
2. Debt consolidation service.
3. The latest stock market tip about some unknown company that promises to be the next
4. Prescriptions for Xanax or Viagra from a pharmaceutical plant in Bangladesh.
5. Products guaranteed to enlarge my bosoms.
6. Twenty-nine new low-interest credit cards.
7. Methods to ensure winning the lottery a minimum of twice a year.
8. Knowledge of how to make $10,000 a week on the internet by bothering even more people
with spam e-mails.
9. Health insurance from any company not willing to cover a person like myself who suffers
from every malady known to mankind.
10. Donation solicitations from any organization using a generic law enforcement title in their
name, telling me a portion of the proceeds will benefit a worthy group, and finding out  the
portion of the proceeds being donated is 1.07% of the collected amount.

Thank you.

Song of the Day:
Bobby Vinton/I Love How You Love Me  

Public Airwaves Headline of the Day:
And For Our Next Melody

September 30, 2006

The Falls County Tax Assessor/Collector appears to be in a sticky situation.  According to
allegations, she was making it appear that certain late taxpayers had paid their taxes on time
so as to avoid paying the penalties and interest.  
Click for article.   

The Groesbeck Goats and Bremond Tigers were both big winners in last night's football
games.  The Goats defeated Whitney by a score of 41-0 while Bremond defeated Wortham 56-
13.  Groesbeck is now 3-2 for the season and appears to have a good team.  We lived in
Houston in 1991 and were able to attend the 3A State Championship at the Astrodome that
year.  The Goats were facing Burnet, and while I do not remember the final score, Groesbeck
did win the title.  It was certainly interesting to see the alma mater playing in the Astrodome.

Sometimes I do not understand my workers, especially the ones in Rosebud.  Two days ago
one of them decided to quit without telling me and simply not show for work.  This happens
occasionally but it is still bothersome each time it happens.  So I called an applicant who had
been repeatedly asking for the job. She seemed thrilled by the offer for work as jobs in
Rosebud are difficult to come by. She was to start training yesterday but never showed for
work.  This was a person who had begged for the job on numerous occasions but her career
as a pizza maker has now ended before it began.  

The Republican chairman of the U.S. Congress' Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children
resigned from Congress yesterday.  He was caught sending disgusting e-mails to a sixteen
year-old male, and is now facing possible federal charges of soliciting underage children for
sex.  The irony is that he was among the congressmen who wrote the law he may now be
charged with.  
Click for article.   

Song of the Day:
Vince Gill and Pure Prairie League/Amie

Boss of the Year Headline of the Day:
Take a Deep Breath
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